Smartphoners rewards everyone!
If you drive at least 5 kilometers in safety, you can take part in the daily, monthly and annual draws to win up to € 1000 in gas vouchers.
Luck is blind, you should not! Keep your eyes wide open, concentrate on the road and drive responsibly.
The next Super Smartphoners could be you!
Encouraging the correct behavior while driving is the goal of Smartphoners.
By joining the competition you will have the chance to win prizes in gas vouchers up to € 1000.
This year there will be even more winners because we will award 3 virtuous drivers every month and at the end of the year there will be an additional 10 prizes.
Are you still thinking about it?
Smartphoners integrates a navigation system of the last generation to get you to your destination faster and in complete safety. Using the navigator allows you to be updated on speed limits and remember that you can accumulate extra points by respecting all the limits. Press GO, put down your phone and start your journey!

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Smartphoners is the first community that rewards you for driving responsibly.
The Smartphone is a very useful tool for you and your work, but it can become dangerous if you use it while driving: do not become a slave of a tool, be smart: enter “Smartphoners”, become a spokesperson for the correct way to drive, measure your achievements with your friends and get sensational prizes!



By joining the Smartphoners community, the driver can measure the kilometers traveled by car without using the smartphone, compare the milestones achieved with the other members and to compete for the daily, monthly prizes and final super prize if he participates in the “Smartphoners: who travels safely travels free” Competition.

Smartphoners uses a precise gps technology that can compare the cruising speed with the maximum speed allowed by the speed limits on the tracked road. Once started the app in the “Be a Smartphoner” mode, pressing GO will start to accumulate points for each kilometer traveled and for each missed call, plus extra points for each kilometer traveled respecting the speed limits and for each Facebook friend who joined by accepting the invite request. In order to earn useful points, while using the app you can not turn off the display or answer phone calls except through earphones or bluetooth and / or digital assistant (Eg Siri Apple iOS) previously entered / configured.

Smartphoners respects user privacy. We will never give your private data to third parties, nor we will use them for commercial purposes.

Very often, if the error persists even after you close and reopen the app, try to uninstall the app and re-download it again. In this new log-in phase it is important to allow the app to access the mandatory informations for its operations. Given the high number of devices compatible with Smartphoners, if the problem persists after trying to do what has just been described, please write an email to info@smartphoners.it indicating the device model, the operating system version and – where possible – attach a screenshot of the error.

Write an email to info@smartphoners.it from the email address used during the registration phase and we will proceed to delete your account.

In order to check that the user does not use the smartphone to answer calls and / or messages, it is necessary that the screen is unlocked and that the Smartphoners application is always active. The percentage of battery consumption is the same as any other navigation application. The advice we can give is to leave the phone in charge during use and set the brightness to a minimum before starting the application in order to consume much less energy.

Unfortunately not, Smartphoners screen is necessary to ensure the driver isn’t using the smartphone. In the case the app goes in background or the screen is locked you will lose all the cumulated points.

The tracking system used by Smartphoners is very precise, but in order to limit the consumption of energy and internet connection of the smartphone, the number of km reported at the end of the trip may be approximated. No worries, everything is normal. For the purposes of the competition the effective kilometers traveled will be used.

  1. Try rebooting your smartphone.
  2. Try to disable / re-enable the GPS.
  3. Be sure that Smartphoners is allowed to use your Location | Settings> Apps> Smartphoners> Permissions> Toggle Location ON.
  4. Check that your Geolocation settings are set to HIGH Accuracy | Settings> Additional Settings> Privacy> Location> Set to High Accuracy
  5. Turn off any battery save mode. Including the Power Saving Mode, Battery Management or any third-party app that does this function Depending on the device you are using, follow these procedures:HTC: Access mobile phone settings> battery> power saving mode> battery optimization> select Smartphoners> do not optimize> save
    Huawei: Set Energy Settings to Normal and add Smartphoners to “Protected Apps”
    LG: If you’re running Android 6 or higher: Settings> battery & power saving> battery usage> ignore optimizations> turn ON for Smartphoners
    Motorola: If you are using Android 6 or higher: Battery> select the menu> all apps> select Smartphoners> do not optimize
    OnePlus: (using OxygenOS Settings): Battery> battery optimization> steps to ‘all apps’> Smartphoners selections> do not optimize
    Samsung: Access battery settings> app power saving> details> Smartphoners> disabled
    Sony: If you are using Android 6 or higher: Battery> from the menu in the upper right-hand corner> battery optimization> apps> Smartphoners Xiaomi: (MIUI OS) If you are using Android 6 or higher: access your phone settings> additional settings> battery and performance> manage battery usage> apps> Smartphoners


It is absolutely forbidden for the purposes of the competition to use two mobile phones or to give your account to other people. Every day, automatic and manual checks are carried out to identify incorrect practices in the use of the app, which leads to the immediate exclusion from the competition.

The data recorded by Smartphoners undergo various checks in order to guarantee the transparency of the competition and to avoid attempts to alter the validity of data by malicious users. Therefore even if at the end of the day a user can be first, he can not be considered as such until an appointed official has validated the rankings.

After verification of the official in charge and within the first 15 days of the following month, the winners will be announced and will receive a notification of the prize by mail on the registration email address. For example: by November 15 the winners of the month of November will be announced. The gas vouchers will be sent by email to the winners within 180 days of the victory announcement via digital coupon.

You can win a daily prize, a monthly prize and the final prize, but you can not win two daily prizes, two monthly prizes etc. The competition rewards the virtuous behavior of as many drivers as possible. For this reason it is not possible to win the same prize more than once.

Unsolicited or unassigned awards, unlike those rejected, will be donated to the AIBO Italia Onlus foundation for charity.